Buck converter RSD

The main function of the buck converter REVCON® is to transform an input voltage of any kind into a lower DC output voltage.

To be able to provide the optimal unit for the most various conditions the REVCON® buck converter are available in many different versions: current controlled or voltage controlled, as well as with or without pre-charging.

RSD-I current controlled:
REVCON buck converter RSU-I is used as DC transformer between a source with a high output voltage and a load which requires a lower input voltage. The current controlled REVCON® buck converter unit RSD-I works like a current source with DC transformer: From a high voltage (AC or DC) it creates a lower output DC voltage, which adjusts itself freely depending on the attached load. The required output current can be adjusted via a setpoint value (0… 10V).

RSD-U voltage controlled:
The voltage controlled REVCON® buck converter is a versatile unit. If the buck converter is regarded as „black box“, it works like a DC transformer: from a high voltage (AC or DC) it creates a lower DC output voltage which is freely selectable within wide limits.


  • small compact size
  • rated current range from 15A to 300A
  • low-loss and high-quality IGBT modules
  • monitoring of mains voltage, phase rotation and temperature
  • high efficiency > 98% by effective real time regulation and analog operation principle
  • user-friendly start-up, as no programming or settings are required

Due to the flexible concept, customized applications can be realized without relevant development.

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