Boost converter RSU

The main function of the boost converter REVCON RSU s to transform an input voltage of any kind into a higher DC output voltage.

The boost converter REVCON is normally used in applications such as variable frequency drives UPS systems, test stands used for hybrid drives or speed range extensions.

All REVCON boost converters are available in many different versions: current controlled or voltage controlled, as well as with or without pre-charging.

RSU-I current controlled:
This unit is focusing on a defined or controlled current level. This unit is for example, used as a feed unit as a part of the REVCON inverter systems. The current controlled REVCON® buck converter unit RSD-I works like a current source with DC transformer: From a low voltage (AC or DC) it creates a higher output DC voltage, which adjusts itself freely depending on the attached load. The required output current can be adjusted via a setpoint value (0… 10V).

RSU-U voltage controlled:
This unit is focusing on a defined or controlled output voltage. For example used as an UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for Drive systems.

The applications were a RSU can be used are numerous. Please contact our sales team if you have an inquiry.


  • small compact size
  • rated current range from 15A to 300A
  • low-loss and high-quality IGBT modules
  • monitoring of mains voltage, phase rotation and temperature
  • high efficiency of > 98% by effective real time regulation and analogous operational principle
  • user-friendly start-up, as no programming or settings are required

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