Regen unit RLD-E0

Power feedback unit „RLD-E0“ optimized, compact and universal!

Compared to a braking resistor the REVCON RLD operates on the principle of regenerative braking. The braking energy is not converted into heat and therefore lost, it is supplied back to the mains by an adequate inverting principle.

The power feedback module REVCON RLD is typically applied to applications with low braking duty as e.g. hoists, lifts, and discontinuous centrifuges.

Environmentally friendly and economic: The payback time is usually less than one year. All REVCON power feedback modules have a high quality IGBT- power section with high effciency, safety and reliability.


Through effective real-time control and an analog operation principle, an efsciency of 98-99% is achieved. The “Plug & Play!” principle means time saving due to a fast and simple installation.

The explicit reduction of the heat loss by active power feedback leads to cooler electrical cabinet respectively less cooling power.


The new product range RLD-E0 offers a highly optimized design and is therefore much more compact. As a result, the power density was increased by up to 80%, and the weight could be reduced by up to 40% for some power ratings. Due to a tighter power rating, the product range is now optimized for the needs of our customer. Various features such as: continuous fan control are integrated in the RLD-E0 series. In addition some of the 400-500V rated products are now UL certified. The unique switching principle and the plug & play setup has been preserved from the previous series, in order to provide a simple and reliable solution for all drives.


Our focus are on the requirement of the customer. Custom made solutions are part of our daily work, therefore we are able to integrate customer requests very fast, effcient and without relevant bureaucracy. Due to Individual manufacturing and fexible production, we are even able to establish new customized products without appreciable development efforts. These customized products can be labeled with our REVCON brand or if desired as a brand labeled product!


  • The energy is generated from the mechanical side of the asynchronous motor, if a torque is applied on the shaft.
  • The energy is bypassed by the drive to the DC-bus.
  • The DC-bus-voltage of the drive and power feedback unit rise.
  • The energy is directed back to the mains by the power feedback module.